Friday, May 21, 2010

Americans, can you tell me how you all have such perfect teeth? to be honest mine are a disgrace yet?

I clean them almost everyday, I use mouth wash once a week.

I go to the dentist once a year

what more can I do? yet they look yellow, they not straight, one fell out last week.

I know I could floss but I tried that and my gums bled really badly

How can I get nice teeth like yours? All Americans have great big huge teeth like a horse and they white and perfect like tom cruise.

Please give me advice and help and lets build a bridge across the atlantic and be friends, I love Americans I am always in McDonalds

Americans, can you tell me how you all have such perfect teeth? to be honest mine are a disgrace yet?
Oh goooooooood question, darling. I'd like to know this too.

Actually, Americans, could you answer something for me as well?

How come none of you ever mention the amazing way you saved our limey asses in WW2? I mean, it was such an incredibly brave and courageous thing to do, any other nation would never shut up about it - but you guys, not a whisper.

I love you all, you mighty fine hunks of prime beef :-)
Reply:Well, that's half your problem. McDonald's food sucks.

Brush twice a day, and floss, no matter how much it hurts at first. Just keep doing it, and your teeth will get healthier.
Reply:Having your gums bleed is a sign you have weak gums so you should floss more. It could be just genetic. Some people just have bad teeth and all americans don't have perfect teeth. Mine are always going to be yellow for example.
Reply:ur gums bleed cuz theyre not used to flossing....theyre gonna bleed the first couple of times, then its gonan fell great...and maybe u can get braces to make them straight.
Reply:they bleed because you havent flossed

haha i go to the dentist every 4 months.

get braces and get yours whitened.

get a new tooth brush..

just take extra extra care of them

everyone is top ones are hugee and perfect but my bottom ones are crooked. =[ i had braces but i never wore my retainer =[
Reply:LOL you make me LOL..

You're probably refering to the American Dental insurance...they cover the cost for your braces if you do need it and it also pays for preiodic dental check ups..

And no, not all AMerican have good teeth.

And no...Mcdonald's isnt good for you......try limiting yourself there once a week.
Reply:oh beleve me not all of us in USA have such great teeth but mine r good, yesterday i was in the dentist and i saw this mexican guy and his teeth had eroded!!!!!!!!!! it was hard 2 belive and it was scary for me
Reply:Um, not all Americans are like the ones you see in the movies. THe reason they have white teeth is because of editing or whitening treatment.

You need to brush your teeth in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner, if you don't, that's pretty disgusting actually. Also eating healthier food (ie NOT MacDonald's) stops tooth decay
Reply:Haha stop going to McDonalds. Its bad for your teeth. And you really should see a dentist twice a year.

As far as flossing, you have to do it even if your gums bleed. This is a sign of gingivitis and it wont go away unless you keep flossing. The bleeding will stop.

Use a flouride mouth wash every single day. And brush them EVERY day TWICE a day. Three if you can manage it.
Reply:Go to the dentist more often, and instead of using mouth wash once a week, use it everyday....twice a day if possible. And don't stop flossing even though your mouth bleeds. Once you put flossing in your daily routine your gums will toughen up and stop bleeding. You should also try maybe getting an electric tooth brush. They clean a lot better.
Reply:a lot of Americans have false teeth
Reply:u might think about eating more healty food it will help the way u'r teeth are and u might want to ask about braces if u want u'r teeth straight... or a retainer u might want to ask u'r dentist for more instruction

it will be a good idea to ask u'r dentist u can call them


u might want to use use mouthwash everyday

and brush u'r teeth 3 times i day onece in the morning

one in afternoon and once in the night...

it will help ALOT

hope this helps
Reply:Perpetuate the myth that all Brits have crap teeth why don't you?!
Reply:lots of americans have jacked up teeth, just like every other country. I am, however, pretty fortunate and have nice straight teeth, so does my daughter thank god. you should brush every day at least twice, floss at least once a day, go to the dentist twice a year, and for the yellowness, get crest white strips

Go to the dentist more often and get vineers.
Reply:"All Americans have great big teeth like a horse and they white and perfect like tom cruise". Your quote, not mine. Pmsl! Why would you want to look like Mr.Ed?
Reply:well first u gotta brush 2 times a day, by the way im mike hawk, i use mouthwash in the mornin, my teeth are perfectly straight. try not eating a mickey D's 4 @ least 1 month. its all sugar there, there only like 5 things on the menu that dont have sugar. if u cant stop eating there, dont get ketchup, 2 part tomatoe, 57 part differnt kinds of sugar.4 ur flossing problem, start doing it daily, they are bleeding because they are really weak and u dont brush hard enough, the yellow is stains and u need to get ur teeth polished at the dentists. i hope i could have helped, and good luck!!!!!!!(p.s. u gotta go to the dentist 2 times a year at least just checkups and polishing)
Reply:several problems.

"clean them almost everyday" try twice a day or after meals

" mouth wash once a week" try twice a day

"dentist once a year" try twice a year

"gums bled really badly" go see a dentist.

"big huge teeth like a horse" nice comparison!

"build bridge across the Atlantic" nah gonna happen.

"I am always in McDonalds" Checked your display picture, stop going to Mcdonalds or you won't be able to fit the dental seat.
Reply:Well said crispy. It's about time somebody put out a welcoming still-greasy hand out to the fathers of junk food.

I don't know how they manage it either....I have seen that some have veneers put on their teeth ...because they are probably much worse than yours.

That's why their teeth look so big, it's because their fake teeth stick out from their mouths making them look kind I have noticed that Americans on TV all look fake, fraud and plastic and those tanned women in lycra on the Lateral thigh trainer (on late night tv ads) kind of remind me of Mr.Ed.

Well done for contributing to Anglo-American relations.
Reply:ha ha, your a funny FU C KER!!
Reply:You should clean your teeth at least twice a day, preferably three times after meals. You should also floss or use interdens brushes to clean in between and use mouthwash at least every morning after brushing. The bleeding may well be a symptom of gingivitis gum disease which if left untreated will result in bone loss and subsequent tooth loss (teeth become loose and painful as bone recedes). You should see your dentist twice annually for check ups. Americans on the whole invest in good dental care and cosmetic dentistry like whitening, veneers, bridges and crowns. You could have your teeth whitened but it is expensive and painful and you have other dental issues to address first. I'm not entirely sure your question is sincere.
Reply:All the above responders have good advice...see the dentist for regular cleanings more often. If you're at McD's all the time you're probably having a Coke w/ that BigMac and fries. Soft drinks are killers to the teeth. Something to do w/ the phosphorous content. It breaks down calcium in the body. Drink milk or take calcium supplements. Keep flossing, daily, brush after every meal. Sounds like you're from Europe (duh?). Most American drinking water is flouridated and chlorinated. So...we Americans get a bit of dental hygiene every time we have a glass of water. Good luck to you, and Happy New Year!
Reply:Not American, though can tell you the little I have found out about keeping good teeth. Mine are nothing to rave about, but I have them all still.

Brush using soft to ultra soft brush only.

Brush from gums down for top teeth, or up for the bottom teeth only--not side to side for side to side brushing can increase receding gums.

Alcohol based mouthwash changes the bacterial composition somehow in your mouth and only serves to mask the smell and actually can be harmful...and you will have to use something prescribed from a dentist to rinse with to return your mouth to it's natural bacterial composition.

Teeth grinding is common and usually goes unnoticed for a long time. Teeth grinding assisted mouth pieces are recommended though very expensive, most people grind their teeth in their sleep and that cracks enamel and can lead to root canal.

Digital camera x-rays will show you exactly where the gum line is receding, and other poor features of your teeth, so shop for a dentist that uses that (as opposed to just regular x-rays) just to see your mouth up close on t.v. and that will help you to identify problems.

Simple quick rinse with water often after eating anything as opposed to rushing to brush your teeth every time, as vigorous brushing removes enamel, which will never grow back.

If you get a retainer you can store cold cuts in it for snack.....just seeing if you were reading......;)

Last thing, haven't tried it yet, but sensodyne toothpaste with enamel enhancer is supposed to help retain healthy enamel.
Reply:LMFAO ...'like a horse...' haha
Reply:Americans having perfect teeth? may be perfect artifical teeth. The blacks have the best.
Reply:Beer and cigarettes! I've got 32 straight teeth, never had braces, no cavities, tight gums, and been to the dentist only 5 or 6 times because I worked for one. I swear the dental cleanings help rot your teeth faster!
Reply:Tom Cruise has nice teeth because he's a Level 7 Theta. Because he believes, much like colds or headaches, he hasn't had a cavity in years.

Build a bridge across the Atlantic? That's a big bridge. Tell you what. We'll build it, and then let you pay for it over the next 50 years with 2% interest, with annual payments and the ability to defer if you don't have the money at that time.

Do they have the McRib over there? Order me one of those.

My orthadontist says my teeth are too small? help!??!?

it seems he's finding everything wrong with my teeth. first the bite, then the shape , now the size. i'm almost done with my braces, but im nervous as now he says my teeth are "too small" and they would look better if my teeth were bigger. how do they do this?!?! how do specialists make your teeth bigger?

My orthadontist says my teeth are too small? help!??!?
it may not exactly be your teeth that are small. you just may have too much gum tissue, and you can vary well correct this problem with crown lengthening, or otherwords Cosmetic Gum Surgery, Used to correct a 'gummy smile' (a significant portion of your gum is exposed when you smile), cosmetic gum surgery is the procedure of lengthening your teeth from the neck of the tooth upwards. Your teeth then appear to be longer and much less gum is seen when you smile.

or, if it is, your teeth that very well tend to be small, and you do not have much gum tissue, there is a procedure to fix this problem as well too. Dental Bondings and/or Veneers, can be used to lengthen your teeth.

the specialists that do this job are Cosmetic Dentists.
Reply:Im exactly like you apart from my mouth is too small for my teeth LOL . they cannit really do anything i dont think .
Reply:they did that to me it hurts but it is all worth it in the end

Im about to get an expander in my mouth but i already have a gap between my teeth with it get bigger?

Will my gap in my two front teeth get bigger?

Im about to get an expander in my mouth but i already have a gap between my teeth with it get bigger?
I assume when you say expander you mean you're going to get an expander fixed into your mouth to make your upper jaw bigger.

The gap between your two front teeth will get bigger - but not to worry! After a while, the gap will shrink down again because of the gums pulling it close. Anyway, because you already have an existing gap I'm sure your orthodontist will then fix up the gap for you with braces after the expansion is done.

Hope this helps.

What do you feel about getting your teeth shaved down?

i lose confidence cuz i have big front teeth!? and i think im gonna get them shaved down to match the teeth next to them! would that be a good idea?

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What do you feel about getting your teeth shaved down?
Girl! Your teeth are fine! Mine are small and I wish that they were a little bigger! Be happy that you have teeth. There are millions of people that don't. You have a great smile! Don't do anything to it.
Reply:I wouldn't advise it. About 5 years ago, I chipped one of my front teeth pretty bad requiring it to be capped. I had to have it redone earlier this year which meant they had to grind it down some. Increased sensitivity will result. And lemme tell ya - that can be pretty freakin miserable! The sensitivity comes and goes for me - like last Friday, for some reason, it was horrible...everything that went into my mouth (I always have a bottle of water with me) had to be room temp or I was miserable!

ladies dress shoes

Im 19 My adult teeth feel like thier wobbling?

exactly what the title says. they don't actually move great amounts they just feel loose. the 2 big front teeth. is this normal?

Im 19 My adult teeth feel like thier wobbling?
go to the dentist, i had the same problem and it was a gum infection. A simple antibiotic and a prescription mouth wash healed it. It could get really bad and turn into something more serious. If u don't have insurance a visit should only run u around $40-70. Or try a county clinic.
Reply:are u sure your 19!?
Reply:Maybe its because you're not really brushing your teeth that well
Reply:Sometimes this can be a result of gum disease. You should see a Dentist.
Reply:Ask your dentist to refer you to a PERIODONTIST. Your gums may be receding, and they need to be brought back into place or you could lose your teeth.
Reply:it might just be because they're shifting around, have you ever had braces?
Reply:Floss...once the gums get cleaned out, they will tighten back up.
Reply:if you had braces at some point start wearing your retainer again
Reply:Yes and no---depends on how much they are flexing (moving). Teeth should have alittle flex to them, but in your case it sounds like it might be more than the norm.

Have your dental professional inspect this problem to best diagnose the problem.

You might have bone loss due to gum disease

You might be clenching and grinding your teeth

You might have short roots in combination w/the above

All of which could be causing this problem or a combination of or one of these might be your reason for mobility in your teeth.

Do your best to keep your smile as clean as possible and make your appt. ASAP--
Reply:unless you don't mind losing your front teeth I'd get them checked. I always hated going to the dentist so I never went unless I really had to. When I was 14 I noticed my teeth seemed to be getting a little wobbly, and I figured it would just go away but it didn't. Then when I was 15 I actually lost 3 of my front teeth and I ended up losing them all because of advanced gum infection. I didn't even know I had it, but I lost all of my teeth at 15 because of it. like I said better to get it checked out before you lose your teeth.

What if my dog lost his front teeth?

I got a puppy and I think he might be around 3 1/2 months old but I am not sure. He is a mini schnauzer, and he chewed threw a baby gate and lost about 4 front teeth. What if those were his "big dog" teeth, what will happen to him now?

What if my dog lost his front teeth?
Likely at that age they are not his adult teeth -- adult teeth are way hard to knock out as their roots are embedded in their jaw bone so while they can be knocked out, it is highly unlikely chewing on a baby gate would do it and it is very likely that chewing on a baby gate would dislodge his baby teeth :) When he is a little older, the adult teeth should start coming in -- you will notice the present teeth will start looking 'sparce' - like there is a lot of space between them as the jaw (and puppy) grows and the teeth just aren't adequate -- they will continue falling out, even the molars, and he will grow in larger, stronger adult teeth. Watch to make sure that none of the sharp little baby teeth are retained as they can make the adult teeth grow in crooked. This often will happen in the smaller breeds and makes it to where they need to have them removed by the vet - so it is actually a good thing that he is helping remove his baby teeth :)
Reply:At 3.5 months, they were most likely his baby teeth. The adult teeth don't come out so easily! Wow though, you've got yourself a strong little chewer there!
Reply:i work at a vet clinic and nothing will happen if those were his adult teeth of course they wont grow back if that's the case. he just wont have any front teeth some dogs don't have any teeth at all only problem is his tounge may hang out alittle chineese crested dogs are good for not having teeth or just losing there teeth so you have nothing to worry about. just make sure your dogs mouth don't get infected if he tore his gums up but i doubt they were his adult teeth puppys start losing there baby teeth around 3 or 4 months anyways
Reply:If those were his adult dog teeth--that would really suck for him cuz he wouldn't be able to eat alot of food without those front teeth--but chances are, his adult teeth will be alot stronger.
Reply:get him some false ones

Teeth trouble?

Ok, I'm 12 and on my left side my second to farthest tooth hurt me reallllly badly, so I pulled it out (but it was allready lose, not much though) Do you think it is a grown-up tooth and I will need a fake one? Also my tooth next to it (3d back) hurts really bad when ever I touch it. Really bad! But I won't pull it out becuz I'm pretty dang shure it is a big thooth. Does any-one know what's wrong? Or some suggestions? And was my tooth big or not?

Teeth trouble?
You probably pulled a baby tooth, you would never be able to pull a big or permanent tooth, roots are way too long. Now the one that's hurting you, the one that was next to this one, it's probably a baby molar, which looks like a permanent tooth, but it isn't. It's probably loose or may just be sore from the one you pulled. At 12 years old you have several teeth that are coming in, your bi's or premolars and 2nd molars. This is a list that may help you to understand which ones are on their way, which are baby teeth and what you have now that are permanent. Hope I've been of some help and good luck! Just don't pull any that aren't loose and you'll be fine. You can check out this site for some helpful information.

Upper Teeth




3 CANINE 11-12 YEARS 14-15 YEARS






Lower Teeth









Reply:Ask your dentist, child.
Reply:It sounds like it may have just been a little tooth. If it hurts bad to touch and doesnt feel loose I would ask to go to the dentist or ask your mom or dad what they think. I cant see it so it is too hard for me to see and try to help.
Reply:go to the dentist.
Reply:Definitely talk to your dentist. He or she can tell you what happened and help you get rid of your current pain.
Reply:You may just have wisdom teeth coming in, as far as knowing if it was a baby tooth you pulled out. That's easy. Your grown up teeth have a root (its big so you would know if that's what you pulled out) so if its just the tooth .... with out the root your fine also .. wait a Little bit to see if the pain goes away.. If it does then your teeth were probably just pushed together now that you pulled one out they should shift and feel better soon , Good luck!
Reply:maybe you need to brush your teeth a little more or go to the dentist so they can check it out

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